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Verdicts & Settlements*

Doe v. Trucking Company

Case Conclusion Date: 2014
Outcome: $1 Million Dollar Policy Limit Settlement
Description: Our 49 year old client was involved in an automobile accident while on his way to work. Despite the fact that the Client did not go to the Hospital from the scene, we were able to prove the relationship of his back injury and subsequent surgery to the subject accident. This case was heavily litigated and only settled shortly before trial for the entire insurance policy limits available.

Doe v. Rock Climbing Gym

Case Conclusion Date: 2013
Outcome: $1 Million Dollar Policy Limit Settlement
Description: Our young lady client was rock climbing at a gym, when her harness broke and she fell 20 feet, suffering serious injuries. Despite the fact that she had signed a release, the gym’s insurance company paid the policy limits to resolve the claim after we found several ways to argue the release was inapplicable.

Doe v. Towing Company

Case Conclusion Date: 2012
Outcome: $1.35 Million Dollar Confidential Settlement
Description: A Husband and father of three young girls drowned when the tow truck he was driving suffered a blown out tire, causing the truck to run off the road into a canal. The towing company only had $1,000,000 in insurance coverage, which was not offered. Following a two week trial, the case settled for not only the policy limits, but all fees and costs associated with bringing the case to trial.

Doe v. Trucking Company

Case Conclusion Date: 2012
Outcome: $3.5 Million Dollar Confidential Settlement
Description: Our Client was struck by a tractor trailer driver at the Port of Miami – he suffered severe injuries and was at Ryder Trauma Center for over a month in ICU. The case resolved immediately prior to trial after a hard fought litigation process.

Thorsen v. Keyes

Case Conclusion Date: 2010
Outcome: $4.2 Million Dollar Jury Verdict
Description: Mr. Thorsen was driving a motorcycle when a driver coming in the opposite direction veered into his lane resulting in a head on collision. Mr. Thorsen was seriously hurt in the accident and a Jury awarded him a substantial verdict at trial.

Aldajuste v. Vasta

Case Conclusion Date: 2008
Outcome: $1.84 Million Dollar Bad Faith Settlement
Description: T-Bone Auto Collision – Mr. Aldajuste was seriously injured in an automobile accident. The other driver had a $10,000 insurance policy which they did not offer timely. After substantial litigation, we secured a settlement for the full value of the case.

Escalante v. Young’s

Case Conclusion Date: 2006
Outcome: $1.75 Million Dollar Settlement
Description: Mr. Escalante lost his leg in a construction accident.

Charles v. Hanish

Case Conclusion Date: 2001
Outcome: $2.8 Million Dollar Jury Verdict
Description: This was an unfortunate case where a cab driver was struck by the Defendant while taking two Law Students home from a night at the Beach. Ultimately, a bad faith case was filed and the case settled against the Defendant’s insurance company for a confidential sum.

*Most cases result in a lower recovery. It should not be assumed that your case will have as beneficial a result. Each case is different and past results are not indicative of future success. These amounts represent a gross award before deduction of attorneys’ fees, costs, medical and other liens.

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