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If you are injured at work in Albuquerque you are entitled to Albuquerque- New Mexico  workers’ compensation benefits. For over a decade Goldberg and Dohan  have represented injured workers and provided  workers compensation  legal advice and guidance. We have a team of Albuquerque  Workers’ Compensation attorneys who work tirelessly to protect the rights of injured workers. We offer a  free consultations to inform you of your rights under New Mexico workers compensation law and your employers obligation to you  under this  law.  If you have been hurt at work you need Goldberg and Dohan.
The  New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Administration was created to assure the timely  delivery of benefits to injured Albuquerque workers at a reasonable cost to employers.  New Mexico Workers’ compensation is a system of insurance that protects workers and employers from  some of the losses caused by Albuquerque on-the-job accidents and job related illness.

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At Goldberg & Dohan, our lawyers have a record of accomplishment in workers’ compensation matters. We have been particularly effective in assisting Albuquerque  clients whose initial claims were denied or where coverage cannot be found informally.  We file appeals, appear at administrative hearings and develop strong cases based on our knowledge and experience.

Any injury that occurs at work allows a worker to become eligible for workers’ comp benefits.  We have handled claims arising from:

Albuquerque Auto accident lawyers
Construction site accidents
Fires and Explosions
Agricultural accidents
Factory accidents


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