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Bad Faith and Unfair Claims Settlement Practices

When a claim is made, the law states that the insurance company has a duty of “good faith and fair dealing” when investigating the claim. However, all too often, they seek to profit by dealing in bad faith or unfair claims settlement practices by unfairly denying, delaying or limiting benefits without a reasonable basis.  When they fail to honor that commitment and act in bad faith, the people who were relying upon insurance benefits can suffer severe financial hardship.

Examples of insurance bad faith include:

  • Undervaluing claims
  • Undue delaying of a claim
  • Refusing to adequately investigate a claim
  • Creating unreasonable obstacles for the claimant to overcome
  • Utilizing biased experts such as investigators, loss adjusters and property valuation experts to undervalue a claim
  • Threatening the claimant

Goldberg & Dohan can help you seek compensation for the insurance benefits, in addition to other losses such as emotional distress, attorney fees and associated financial loss.  Bad faith insurance claims also allow for punitive damages, which can significantly increase awards for the Claimant.

Goldberg & Dohan takes significant pleasure in acting as “Bad Faith” counsel to Claimants in a number of cases when the insurance company originally did not do the right thing and pay, causing delay and additional pain to the Claimant, who then requests recovery in excess of the original insurance policy limits.

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