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Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite injuries (also referred to “animal” bite injuries) is a general term that includes attacks by dogs and other animals, including snakes.  These injuries are not exclusive to actual bite injuries but also include any injury a person sustains when trying to avoid an attack.  Common animal bite injuries include lacerations, cuts, torn muscles and ligaments, poisoning, psychological and emotional injury, and even death.

Dog bites are frequently in the news, and for good reason. The injuries caused by an animal attack can be severe or fatal.  Psychological and emotional after-effects are common, especially when the victim is a child.

Finding the insurance coverage in dog bite cases is difficult.  We are persistent in identifying sources of compensation for our injured clients.  We look at the insurance coverage of the dog owner, the property owner and our client’s own insurance policies. If the dog owner or victim was a renter, it may be possible to recover under the property owner’s insurance.  In short, we are often able to obtain payment in cases where it was not clear where the insurance coverage was.

In addition to determining what the insurance coverage is, our lawyers build a strong case for compensation for medical bills, counseling, reconstructive surgery and other costs of the injury.  We obtain a history of the dog, identifying the owner and witnesseses to the attack. We also verify that the dog had rabies shots and find out whether it had bitten before.

Under most State’s laws, victims must show that the owner knew the dog was dangerous.  Dog bite law varies, depending on where you are. In Florida, for example, the victim needs to demonstrate that the owner knew the dog was dangerous and failed to take proper care.  Proper care could involve erecting a fence, leashing the dog or making sure the dog stayed inside, and the use of “Bad Dog” signs.  Although any dog can attack, there are certain breeds that are more likely to bite. German shepherds, Pit Bulls, Akidas, Rottweilers and Dobermans are among those that appear in media stories about dog bites and thought to be more dangerous, but current research has shown that’s mostly because the owners of these particular breeds train them that way.

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