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Bus Accident Lawyers

Bus accidents result when a bus collides into another vehicle or property, or where a bus driver negligently operates, maneuvers or stops a bus causing a passenger to be thrown about inside, and suffer injury.  These accidents can, and often times do, cause serious injuries.  Many modern buses, and even older updated buses, have sophisticated equipment installed in them, such as black boxes and video cameras.  In many cases, this equipment contains vital information that evidences the cause of an accident, however, bus companies and their insurance companies are reluctant in producing these materials.  You need a lawyer who will gain access to and preserve this evidence immediately.

Most bus accidents happen on County or City buses.  A common problem with all accidents involving government entities (such as its cities and municipalities) is the limits on the amount of money an injured victim can recover.  Due to the State’s sovereign immunity and pursuant to the statutory waiver, a government entity like Florida is only responsible for a $200,000 maximum recovery per individual and $300,000 maximum recovery per accident.  In any motor vehicle accident involving a government owned vehicle, which is seen frequently with city and municipal buses, an injured victim may have damages that exceed these limits and unfortunately, the injured victim is left with no further recourse, other than pleading their case to the legislature in very limited instances.  These sovereign immunity limits, however, do not apply to private companies and individuals, which do not enjoy this immunity.  Either way, at Goldberg & Dohan, we meticulously take every necessary step to identify all available insurance to our clients and endlessly fight to maximize our clients’ recovery.

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