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Railroad/Train Accidents

By nature, railroads are dangerous places, whether someone is simply crossing a railroad track or working in the railroad industry.  Railroad crossing accidents occur many times as a result of poorly maintained or unmarked railroad crossings that result in accidents between trains and cars and other vehicles.  Railroad employees are covered under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (“FELA”), which allows them to obtain compensation from their employer for any injuries suffered on the job that were caused by the railroad’s negligence, unlike general workers’ compensation law.

Railroad accident injuries are commonly severe and even often involve death. In addition to traumatic and catastrophic injuries, railroad workers many times also suffer illnesses from a wide range of factors, including equipment failure, inhalation of dangerous chemicals, and repetitive motion injuries caused by rough riding trains.  Regardless of the type of accident or injury, you should never fight the railroad companies on your own, as they have abundant legal and financial resources that will keep you from recovering money for your damages.  Allow the legal team at Goldberg & Dohan to represent you and ensure you recover you get paid for your damages and obtained the medical care you need.

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