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Wrongful Death Lawyers

Did You Lose A Loved One  In A  Catastrophic Accident?

Goldberg and Dohan  NYC are helping people who have lost a loved one in a catastrophic accident in Albany, Binghamton, Bronx, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Catskills, Chautauqua, Elmira, Fairfield, Finger lakes, New Rochelle, White Plains, Glen falls, Hudson Valley, Ithaca, Long Island, Suffolk, Nassau, Manhatten,Nanuet, Nyack, Spring Valley, Oneonta, Plattsburgh, Potsdam, Queens, Rochester, Staten island, Syracuse, Rockland County, Twin Tiers, Utica, Watertwown, Westchester and all of New York State.

It is impossible to understand fully the grief that the premature and unexpected death of a loved one causes.  When that death is the result of another’s negligence or fault, those left behind need somewhere to turn for answers and closure.  Wrongful death claims are different from other personal injury cases, because the deceased is no longer alive to testify as to the cause of the incident and it is the surviving family members who bring the lawsuit against the at-fault party.  Wrongful death cases provide compensation for emotional and financial loss to the surviving family members as a result of the death that was caused by someone else’s negligence.

A wrongful death can be caused any type of accident. We have handled wrongful death cases on behalf of families whose loved one was killed because of a:

  • Motorcycle accident
  • Truck accident
  • Car accident
  • Medical malpractice
  • Defective products
  • Slip and fall
  • Nursing home error
  • Fire
  • Workplace accident
  • Construction site accidents

Our attorneys can advise you about the legal concerns that arise in wrongful death claims. We also take the necessary steps to preserve evidence from the accident or defective product that caused the fatality.  We use the skills of experienced investigators to determine the facts of the incident.  We determine the financial and emotional impact of the death upon the family left behind.  We use all this information to build a strong case for a monetary award that brings justice to the survivors.

At Goldberg & Dohan, our law Firm has the necessary resources to represent victims in a wrongful death case. Because each State may vary in their statute of limitations for wrongful death cases, it is important to contact our office as soon as possible to discuss your case with one of our experienced lawyers.  In Florida, for example, the Statute of Limitation for wrongful death is half the time that of a regular negligence case (2 vs 4 years).

To learn how we can help after a wrongful death, call our office now at 305-536-3400, toll free at 1-800-270-1710, e-mail us, or complete a free case evaluation for a consultation directly with one of our attorneys. It costs you nothing to talk with our experienced and sympathetic lawyers about your case.

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