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Personal Injury Trial Lawyers

Goldberg & Dohan, LLP is a Florida Law Firm, operated by Goldberg & Associates with offices and attorneys throughout Florida, as well as various other offices operated by George Goldberg in locations throughout the United States.  The Firm specializes in representing injured persons and their families against corporations and insurance companies. At Goldberg & Dohan, our goal is to get our Clients paid for their injuries and get them back to living their lives.

Experienced Attorneys

The attorneys at Goldberg & Dohan have handled and favorably resolved thousands of cases, ranging from car accidents and slip and falls, to the most serious catastrophic of injury cases, including those involving paralysis and wrongful death. Goldberg & Dohan also has significant experience handling all types of Insurance Claims, Workers’ Compensation cases, Employment/Wage & Hour disputes and Social Security Disability claims.

Goldberg & Dohan is a Law Firm made up of Trial Attorneys who are not afraid to go to Court if that is what is needed in order to secure the best possible recovery for the Client.

Our Team

The staff of Goldberg & Dohan includes specialized legal assistants, paralegals and investigators who assist globally in handling, understanding and evaluating each case.  Goldberg & Dohan has a team approach to every case.  Cases are never left on standby, and the Goldberg & Dohan team is always pushing matters towards an ultimate recovery and a quick, efficient resolution to get the Client and their family back to living.

Goldberg & Dohan is large enough to have the resources necessary to take on the big pocket companies that attempt to deny injured victim’s compensation, but at the same time small enough locally to provide a commitment to excellence in customer service and personal attention.  We handle each matter with appropriate aggression, quality, care, and attention to detail.  We are accessible, responsible, prepared, knowledgeable, efficient and technologically advanced.  Our Clients and colleagues value us because they trust our expertise and abilities.


Ultimately obtaining the best possible result under the circumstances for our Clients is our number one goal. Along that journey, supporting and caring for our Clients and their Family’s needs, being invested in their success, and keeping them continually advised along the way is of utmost importance.

Combining technical and legal expertise with common sense enables our lawyers and staff to handle even the most complex cases. Our lawyers and staff approach each matter with an invigorated business style geared towards the ultimate recovery.

Our past results speak significantly towards the competence that our Firm possesses.  We have secured several million and multi-million dollar awards for our deserving Clients.


Not only do we commit ourselves to the best customer service we can provide, we also value our wonderful relationships with our referral lawyers.  We pride ourselves in trying to be the “go to” lawyers for other lawyers, who do not handle personal injury, workers compensation, insurance, employment, and disability cases. We fight hard for our Clients and the recognition of our peers in trusting us with their own Clients is a great honor.


We accept cases and claims on a contingency fee basis only. This means that we accept no attorneys’ fees up front, neither do we ask you to put up the cost of any experts we need to build a strong case on your behalf.  We do not get reimbursed for our time or expenses unless and until you receive a settlement of your claim.


We welcome all visitors to our website, and hope the information contained herein is informative and valuable.  However, should you wish to call and speak to one of our attorneys, we will be glad to answer any questions you might have, and of course every consultation is free.

If you, or someone you know, needs any type of legal advice, call our offices now toll free at 1-800-270-1710, e-mail us, or complete a free case evaluation for a consultation directly with one of our attorneys.

Get Paid...and Get Back to Living.

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Absolutely! Our team is always available to answer your questions via phone. Call us today by dialing 1-888-352-9243 and speak to a representative regarding your story. We will tell you immediately whether we can help you with your claim, and get you the benefits you deserve!