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Dallas – Houston- Austin Unpaid Overtime Lawyer

Get a Dallas, Houston or Austin unpaid overtime lawyer if your employer has cheated you out of your overtime pay. In Texas, non exempt hourly employees  are entitled to an  overtime pay rate for any hours worked over a total of 40 in a single work week (defined as any seven consecutive work days by the Fair Labor Standards Act).

While some states have daily overtime limit which entitles any employee who works for more then a certain number of hours in a single day to be paid overtime, Texas does not have a daily overtime limit. These overtime laws  require you  to be  paid by your  employer overtime pay for hours worked over forty hours a week. Texas and FLSA overtime laws require that overtime pay should be no less than one and one-half times the employee’s regular rate of pay.

How Can You Get Cheated Out of Your Overtime Pay?

Did your employer: make you work through lunch, make you take work home, make you work more than 40 hours a week, change your time records and not pay you your overtime pay? You may have an overtime lawsuit claim against your employer. Contact us  today to speak with an  experienced and aggressive overtime lawyer who will fight for your rights to recover your unpaid overtime pay and unpaid wages. We  will get you  your overtime pay and unpaid wages  and sue your employer to  get you what is rightfully yours. There are some exemptions. Contact us to find out if you are exempt. That means, exempt according to the law and not exempt by something your employer connived to get out of paying you.

If your employer did not pay you your overtime, you may be able to get  up to double your unpaid overtime dollars, going back up to three years and your  attorneys’ fees for filing your unpaid wages claim.


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